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Xtava Dolce Hair Straightener Review!



When I think about the beauty “must-haves” that I have in my life…there are several that come to mind.  Some of these are makeup related (mascara, blush, lipsticks) and some of these are skincare related (MOISTURIZER, cleanser).  When I think of my hair routine, what are the must haves you ask?  There are the “duh” products – shampoo and conditioner – and then there are things like my blow dryer, my hairspray, and my STRAIGHTENER.  I use a hair straightener almost every day, EVEN WHEN I WEAR MY HAIR IN A PONYTAIL (I straighten the front to look more put together!).

Because of my obsession and need for hair straighteners, I’m always excited to try another brand.  Which means that I was super excited to get a chance to review the Xtava Dolce Hair Straightener!


First off, it was a pretty purple color and has a LCD screen so it looks sleek and modern.  It heats up to 430 degrees (F) and I always go to the highest temperature (yes, I realize that’s not the best idea for my hair, but it gets the most straight that way!).  So, down to the most important aspect, did it straighten?  YES!  I had no problems using this when straightening my hair and it did so with no pulling, no hair getting caught in the blades, no burnt smells, and no frizz!  AND, I used it to curl my hair when I was done and it worked even BETTER as a curler (if that’s even possible for a hair straightener to work better as a hair curler!).  My curls turned out beautiful and held for awhile!

On top of all that, this hair straightener came with a great carrying case with a heat resistant inside lining – great for when you are on the go and need to grab the straightener and pack it right after using it!


Information about the product from Xtava – 

  • ELEGANT AND POWERFUL – With its Sleek design and fast heating ceramic plates this flat iron offers a combination of elegance, power and precision reaching temperatures of up to 430 Fahrenheit degrees
  • SOPHISTICATED MICROPROCESSOR – Thanks to its highly sophisticated microprocessor and its LCD control display, the new Xtava Dolce allows you to personalize your settings to your desired style and hair type
  • LCD SCREEN – Achieve complete control of the heat function with the stylish blue LCD screen and convenient buttons on the side of the appliance
  • SAFETY – The Dolce flat iron is equipped with an automatic safety mechanism that will turn off the device when not in use. The device also offers a digital locking function to prevent any tampering with the unit
  • CASE INCLUDED – Travel and storage case with heat resistant material included with the unit. 

The ONLY possible drawback that I have seen to this straightener (and it might not even really be an issue) is that it did not seem to get as hot as other straighteners of mine, despite the fact that they both claim to go to 430 degrees.  For me, that personally was not an issue as my hair is not difficult to straighten, but I do wonder how it would work with hair that is more difficult to straighten.

The Verdict:  Recommend!

The Website:  Purchased from Amazon!  Click Here.

Thanks for reading!  Wishing you beautiful hair!



Disclaimer:  I received this product in exchange for a review; however, opinions are 100% my own.


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