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Book Review: The Child – Fiona Barton

The ChildThe Child by Fiona Barton
My rating: 4 of 5 stars


This is my first book to read by Fiona Barton, despite the fact that I’ve read that she had written a very popular book called The Widow prior to this one. I had previously read the synopsis on The Widow and wasn’t sure it would be my cup of tea; however, once I’ve read this book, I’m going to reconsider!

This book was interesting, exciting, and an easy read. I was excited throughout the book to find out exactly how all the characters intertwined – I knew something was coming, but honestly did not see the final twist! In this book, each chapter focuses on the story from the viewpoint of several connected individuals, mainly focusing on Kate, Emma, Jude, and Angela.

Kate is a journalist that is intrigued by a recent brief article that she read in regards to the body of a baby being found at a construction site – and she won’t stop until she gets all the details. Who is this baby? How did the baby end up at its location? How could someone do this to a child?

Emma appears to have extensive mental health difficulties, a complicated relationship with her mother (Jude), and significant events in her life that no one else has any knowledge of…not even her husband. She is intrigued by the story of the “Construction Site Baby.”

Jude is the mother of Emma. Their relationship is not a healthy one and it’s apparent that Jude has not always made the best choices as a mother (for example, choosing to kick Emma out of the house as a teenager to save the relationship with her boyfriend, Will).

Angela tries to make it day to day, but is constantly and silently struggling with a traumatic event that happened years earlier – someone stole her newborn baby from the hospital. When she learns of the “Construction Site Baby,” she can’t help but wonder if this could be her baby…her Alice.

As Kate continues to dig up details, the situation becomes more and more grim than the reader even thought it could get. Throughout the book, different connections continue to appear until the end…when we finally learn the final connections that help the story make complete sense. The ending brings sadness…but also the chance for a happy, new beginning for some characters.

Disclaimer: I received this book from the publisher via NetGalley, but always provide my honest opinion regardless.

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