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Book Review: The Marriage Lie – Kimberly Belle

The Marriage LieThe Marriage Lie by Kimberly Belle

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Will and Iris appear to have the perfect marriage…the dream house, great careers, and they are working towards trying to expand their family in the hopes of having a baby. But then suddenly, Will dies in a plane crash…going to Seattle, not Orlando where he told Iris he was going. Iris is confused and in denial – Why would he lie? Why would Will be going to Seattle? What’s in Seattle? The airline must have the information wrong. Will can’t be dead.

Then Iris begins to learn information about Will’s past that she never knew and begins uncovering lies about his past…and his present. The perfect idea of Will and her marriage are shifting at a dramatic pace, yet she can’t let go of the love she has for her husband, even when she is at her angriest. But the haunting questions remain – Who is texting her threats about her husband’s devious actions? Who is texting her warnings and trying to protect her? Could it be Will? Or is he really dead? Who is actually friend and who is foe?

As the book continues, all of the questions are answered. We follow the story as Iris is led to make difficult decisions about what to do in her new life without the relationship she had cherished over the past 7 years…with her favorite person in the world.

Overall, I found the book to be exciting, despite the fact that I do feel it could be predictable at times. The book kept me interested, was an easy read, and I didn’t feel there was any boring areas. It kept me pulled in throughout the entire story and I was constantly wondering what would be happening next. I found most of the characters to be likable and I would love for there to be a second book so I could see where Iris is now.

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I’ve been curious about other Kimberly Belle books, but wasn’t intrigued by the plot synopses.  Has anyone read any of her other books?


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