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Lifeline Stem Cell Skincare Recovery Night Moisture Serum Review

I requested samples from Lifeline and they sent me four foil packets along with a brochure discussing their products!

2014-08-09 09.17.08

This was a random sample pick…as I was going to bed, I had my husband go into my “face product sample box” and pick me something out that had the words “night” and “moisturizer” in it and this was his choice!  With this foil packet, there did not seem to be a lot of product in it; however, I think a little of the product goes a long way!  I used everything in the packet for a one time use, but I think I misjudged and really could have stretched the packet into two uses.

Now onto the product review!  It initially felt a little heavier and stickier on my skin than I like, but after I had the product really rubbed into the skin, that issue quickly went away!  After applying the product, my face looked glowing and felt pretty soft.  I slept with the night time product on my face and woke up this morning with a soft face that had a nice healthy glow!

I’m actually very intrigued with the use of stem cells in beauty products…here is the information directly from their website –

“Stem cells are the building blocks of your skin. They have a unique ability to replace damaged and diseased cells. As they divide, they can proliferate for long periods into millions of new skin cells.

As we age, our stem cells lose their potency. Your skin’s ability to repair itself just isn’t what it used to be. The result can be fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, and sagging skin. But non-embryonic stem cells — the same stem cells active early in life — are highly potent. Lifeline® anti-aging stem cell serums tap into the potency of these stem cells to help renew your skin. 

Scientists at Lifeline Skin Care discovered that human non-embryonic stem cell extracts can help renew skin — by replacing old cells with healthy new ones. These stem cell extracts help stimulate your own skin’s abilities to repair itself. And Lifeline anti-aging stem cell serums were born.”

Hmm, what an interesting and unique skincare idea!

The Verdict:  Recommend!

The Website:


Thanks for reading!  Wishing you healthy skin from interesting products!





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