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The Truth About Younique…(AKA Younique Review!)

Okay, if you are like I was prior to trying out Younique, you have a basic idea of what you think it is like…and it isn’t pretty.  I’m in a ton of makeup groups on Facebook and it seems that, for the most part, most of the girls on there have the same idea of Younique… Continue reading The Truth About Younique…(AKA Younique Review!)

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One Direction Limited Edition Beauty Collection and GIVEAWAY!

Do you love makeup?  Do you love One Direction?  Then this is probably perfect for you!  These limited-edition makeup tins include bold colored eye shadows, a black eye pencil, beautiful lip glosses, a lip gloss top coat, and nail polish with names inspired by songs from One Direction’s list of music hits.  I was lucky… Continue reading One Direction Limited Edition Beauty Collection and GIVEAWAY!

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Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques Review!

I love makeup.  It’s a fairly new love, but it’s as intense as if it would have started when I was a child.  I’m obsessed.  I can’t stop buying…using…trying different types of makeup.  In a month’s time, I went from only having the bare minimum to get by, to having BASKETS and BASKETS full.  … Continue reading Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques Review!

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Previous Beauty Haul Details!

As promised, I said I would come back and give more information about the beauty haul. 🙂  I try to never disappoint, so here we go…(in no particular order)! SEPHORA Express Cleaning Wipes  I was in the market for some new makeup cleaning wipes and wasn’t too happy with my previous brand (not surprising…I think… Continue reading Previous Beauty Haul Details!

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The All Natural Face Eyeshadow Review

I recently requested and received samples from The All Natural Face of their blushes and eyeshadows!  Today, I decided that I wanted to take the time to review their beautiful eyeshadows (VEGAN!) as they sent me quite a few samples!  In some of the containers, they included enough eyeshadow for multiple uses, while in others… Continue reading The All Natural Face Eyeshadow Review