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Book Review: Lucky You – Erika Carter

Lucky You: A NovelLucky You: A Novel by Erika Carter

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This book focuses on three “friends” (when you read the book, you’ll understand the quotation marks) – Ellie, Rachel, and Chloe. These three friends are living their separate lives in Arkansas when they all decide to “go off the grid” together with Rachel’s boyfriend (Autry). The goal of this going “off the grid” is to find the “truth” and get “healthy,” but it isn’t easy and it’s not always fun. The book shows how different someone’s life can be from one year to the next, how people may come and go in your life, and how much YOU as a person can change with time (and somethings may not even change at all, no matter how much you want them to). In part of the book, Rachel discusses the “Rachels” before her that she wishes to forget…to move past…and how she doesn’t want any of the lives of the past “Rachels” to interrupt her current life. The book starts with all three girls separate, shows their lives together for “The Project” where they all live together, and then discusses life afterwards.

Overall, the book was an easy read – Erika Carter writes well (easy to understand, nice flow, smooth transitions). I loved that different chapters were written in the point of view of each of the girls. During the book, you really feel like you get to know these characters and want the best for them. Sadly enough, however, it didn’t always go how I wanted it to and it left me feeling depressed at the end (the way a lot of the characters felt off and on throughout the entire book).

My reason for only three stars is that, while I liked it, I really felt like I wanted more from the book. I mainly wanted more for Ellie. </3 Life can be a crazy thing sometimes.

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One thought on “Book Review: Lucky You – Erika Carter

  1. Agree. This book is just meh. 2.5 stars for me. Shocked to find that despite a 2 on goodreads, amazon has it as a 5 with “reviews” calling it brilliant and compelling…um…Trumpism in the literary world…yikes. They deleted my 2 star review because????


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