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Movie Review: The Watcher (2016)

The Watcher (2016) watched on Netflix on 1/29/2017.

  • IMDB – 5.4/10
  • Rotten Tomatoes –
    • Audience Rating – 33% (2.9/5)
    • No Critic Ratings Posted

PLOT:  “In this fact-based thriller, a young couple buys their dream home only to learn it has a grim past — and that someone is watching their every move.”  (Netflix)

I had been looking for a new release movie on Amazon to rent and couldn’t find anything that sounded great to me…so onto Netflix I went.  I have a tendency to look FOREVER for a movie, so if I don’t want it to take all day, I really need to just watch the first movie that has a plot that sounds semi-interesting to me – and today THE WATCHER was the winner.

My plot synopsis:  (Minor Spoiler Alert!)  Movie starts with an older Asian couple with an immediate tragedy.  Tragedy happens, then we see a young couple moving into the house (where we assume at this time that the previous tragedy occurred).  Appears to be “running away” from something in their past – seems to have secrets of their own that we aren’t quite aware of yet.  Really annoying real-estate agent is selling the house.  Initially can’t tell if the movie is supposed to be modern or is set in the 70s/80s.  (My husband and I debate about this for awhile because the clothes definitely look retro, but then we see a new iPhone…so modern it is?)  Young couple meets neighbors (all seem welcoming, but some turn out to a be a better choice in friends than others).  Scary, threatening letters are sent to the couple – couple is obviously being watched.  Things get more and more dangerous.  Wife is obviously getting sicker and sicker.  Evil “Raven” is the culprit…but who is the “Raven?”  You’ll have to watch to learn that!

Speed of the movie overall was pretty good.  I didn’t think there was any super slow moments, but also I would have been happier with a little more thrilling scenes.  It didn’t have any super well-known actors/actresses, but with that being said, I think that the acting overall was good – there weren’t any moments in the movie that I can recall that had horrible acting.  I think the best actor in the movie was Mikey (Riley Baron), who plays a developmentally disabled child – he played this character very well and even had some surprising parts that definitely added some extra interest to the movie.  I was able to predict the ending, but with that being said, I didn’t predict it until about 10 minutes before it actually happened, so it wasn’t too much of a giveaway.

 Tosha’s Entertainment Reviews Rating – 6/10 – Overall, this movie kept me fairly entertained, but it was nothing “special” and often predictable.  For someone who likes scary movies, it’s not too bad, but if you already have issues with horror movies, you may want to pass on this one.  

What do you think about this one?  Let me know in the comments section! 🙂


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