HSI Professional Review!

Although I get compliments on my hair occasionally, my natural hair is usually a huge annoyance to me!  It’s not straight enough to go with blow-drying only; however, it isn’t wavy or curly enough to wear it that way either!  Curling takes me too long, so straightening is usually the route that I take.  Because of this, I’m constantly trying out new straighteners to find out what works best for me!  With straightening, my hair also becomes frizzy, so I’m also always on the hunt for the best products to help with that issue – that’s why I was super happy to get a chance to try out HSI Professional’s products!


HSI Professional provided their Elite 1 1/4″ Professional Salon Ceramic Flat Iron, Thermal Protector Spray, and Smoothing Hair Mask for me to try out for myself!

HSI Professional Elite 1 1/4″ Professional Salon Ceramic Flat Iron


When I first received the package from HSI Professional, the product packaging made me believe that these are high quality.  The flat iron box was well-constructed and everything was placed securely in the box.  A small bottle of leave-in hair treatment was also included with the flat iron, which is a nice addition!


I removed the flat iron from the package and was impressed with the quality of the product!  It was lightweight and felt very well-made.  Overall, the product felt great in my hand and felt far from inexpensive.  Take a look at this flat iron!



Pretty, huh?  One thing that I was initially surprised about was that the buttons to turn the flat iron on and off and to adjust the temperature were not located on the outside of the flat iron, like on most flat irons.  If you look at one of the above pictures, you will see where they are located.  My first thought – am I going to burn myself while trying to turn the straightener off?  After using the straightener every day since receiving it, I can say that I have not yet burnt myself while using this flat iron!  I’m pretty impressed by this because I always end up burning myself with flat irons, but with this one it has not been an issue, even with the buttons on the inside.  I also have grown to LIKE that the buttons are there – I don’t have to worry about accidentally turning my flat iron off while using it!


HSI Professional had the following to say about their Elite 1 1/4″ Professional Salon Ceramic Flat Iron – 

  • 1 1/4″ Solid ceramic tourmaline ionic plate
  • Flash quick heating with even heat distribution
  • Digital LCD temperature control
  • Auto Shut Off and sleep mode feature
  • Heats up to 450F within seconds with the touch of one button
  • Dual Voltage 110-240v
  • Floating plates that adjust to your hair
  • Advanced infrared ceramic heat technology
  • Straighten-curl-flip-style
  • Ergonomic design for additional handling grip, control and performance
  • 360 Swivel cord

The Verdict:  This has been an amazing straightener!  It has worked way better than other flat irons I’ve used in the past and has replaced the straightener I was previously using on a daily basis!  This one is my new favorite and I haven’t put it away since I tested it the first time.

HSI Professional Thermal Protector Spray


The HSI Professional Thermal Protector Spray has been a life-saver!  Using this spray, I have seen a significant reduction in the amount of frizz.  Usually on high humidity days when I’ve straightened my hair, it becomes SO FRIZZY, but since I’ve been using this, the frizz is controlled even on the high humidity days – impressive!  It also looks healthy and has a beautiful shine.

HSI Professional has the following to say about this spray – 

  • Heat Protector
  • For Natural & hair extensions
  • Creates Silky Smooth & Healthy Hair
  • Non Animal Tested

The Verdict:  I’m loving this thermal protector spray!  Not only am I happy knowing that using the spray reduces the damage caused by straightening my hair, but I’m also excited about how great my hair looks when using it.  Reduction in frizz while also providing me with smooth, healthy, and shiny hair!

HSI Professional Smoothing Hair Mask


HSI Professional’s Smoothing Hair Mask makes my hair feel SO SOFT.  It suggests putting on the hair mask after your normal shower routine and letting it sit before rinsing (as a deep conditioning mask) or using it in place of your conditioner.  Since my roots are naturally oily, I knew that neither of these options would be great for me, so I used it as I normally use hair masks – as soon as I get in the shower and get my hair wet (BEFORE my usual hair routine), I put the mask on and let it sit while I do the rest of my shower routine that doesn’t involve my hair, after this has been completed I rinse out the mask, and then use my shampoo and conditioner like usual.  This routine has given me the perfect balance – I get the smooth, soft, and silky hair, without my hair becoming more oily.  This also makes my hair feel extra shiny and healthy!

The Verdict:  LOVE IT.  I couldn’t use it as suggested due to my hair’s oil levels, but I modified usage to what works best for me and it has made my hair incredibly soft.  I use it once or twice a week and I don’t think my hair has ever looked better!

Now that I’ve discussed the product, wouldn’t it be nice if you could see a before and after picture to really understand how fantastic these products are?  Well…lucky you!  The first picture is my hair natural – after blow drying but before anything else and using my normal hair routine without the mask.  The second picture was taken after washing my hair using the mask, spraying the Thermal Protection spray in my hair, and then using the HSI Professional Flat Iron.





Now do you see why I have such positive things to say about HSI Professional’s products!?

The Verdict:  RECOMMEND, of course!  Verdict about each is above with the individual products.

The Website:  HSI Professional

Thanks for reading!  Wishing you hair products that make you feel like a million bucks!



Disclaimer:  I received these products in exchange for my honest review; however, opinions are 100% my own.


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