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Outside of the Box: Softy Individually Wrapped Hand Sanitizing Wipes Review!

Back in December, I was lucky enough to get the chance to review Softy All-Purpose Sanitizing Wipes and have been using them ever since (because seriously, this is a HUGE container of sanitizing wipes!).  Since these have been amazing addition to the kitchen since the day I received them, I was excited to receive a message from Softy asking if I would like the opportunity to review their new product – Softy Individually Wrapped Hand Sanitizing Wipes.  Let’s just say that I couldn’t say YES fast enough!


One reason that I was super excited to receive this product is that I work with children every day…sanitizing is important to avoid getting sick!  I’m constantly working with children that are sneezing, sniffling…and often not using a Kleenex when they should.  Usually, I have to wait until I get a chance to go back to my office before I can scrub my hands or use hand sanitizer, but now I’m lucky that I can have these individually wrapped wipes with me at all times!  I can meet with a child, sanitize my hand with a wipe when I finish my session with them, and be prepared for meeting with the next child without spreading any unwanted germs!


I love that these are easy to travel with…I throw a few in my portfolio or purse and go!  With a large container, I couldn’t easily do this, so I think Softy created a great product when they made this one.  Hopefully now that I have these, I can avoid getting sick as often in the future! (Fingers crossed!)  I was also very impressed with the amount of wipes that I received for the price ($19.99 for 100 extra-large wipes!).

Information about the product from Softy – 

  • 100 ct. EXTRA LARGE individually wrapped 7″ x 8″ wipes. The LARGEST sanitizing wipe on the market.
  • Anti-bacterial formula kills 99.9% of germs in less than 5 seconds.
  • Use on hands, body, and surfaces. Alcohol-free. Vitamin E + Aloe. Feels amazing (not sticky) on your hands!
  • SOFT & THICK quilted fabric for a plush, pillowy feel. Strong enough to hold a 12-kg kettlebell.
  • Citrus Fresh Scent that smells incredible! Made in the USA.

The Verdict:  Recommend

The Website:  Purchased from Amazon!  Click Here.

Thanks for reading!  Wishing you complete sanitization to avoid all your bacterial infections!



Disclaimer:  I received this product in exchange for my review; however, opinions are 100% my own.


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