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La Pédi Bon Pedicure Kit Review!

Okay guys, I’m going to let you in on one of my deepest secrets…my feet have serious problems with being dry, cracked, and callused – I blame flip flops, sandals, and shoes I wear with little to no support!  Knowing that these shoes contribute to my feet issues, you would think that I would make changes, correct?  But, no.  I love my current shoe choices far too much to make this change.  Since I’m not going to change the root of the problem, I have to fix the actual problem – the dry, cracked, and callused feet.  I’ve used a lot of different products in the past to help with this and, I’m telling you, I am seriously impressed with the La Pedi Bon Pedicure Kit!


This awesome pedicure kit can be used on wet or dry skin and includes the callus remover, a replacement roller, and a brush to help with cleaning after use!


I could not believe how quickly and how perfectly this callus remover got the job done!  I would suggest this for people with all levels of dryness/calluses, but I think this is the only product I’ve used that I think could tackle even the really big projects!  This quickly removes the skin, so prepare the area where you are using this product (lay down a towel!) – dry skin will be coming off of your feet and will look almost like sawdust (I know, great visual, but I just wanted to let everyone know what to expect!).


Information about the product from La Pedi Bon – 

87% of adults in the US have some type of foot problem and one of the most common problems is calluses. Calluses are rough dry patches that forms on the feet. Anyone with callused feet who want to have silky smooth healthy feet will love the La Pédi Bon callus remover. People who have medical issues that effects the health of their feet should consult their physicians prior to use.

Use in successive sessions until your feet feel soft and silky. Follow up treatment when the skin begins to feel hard and callused. Treatment length will be different for each individual person. Simply hold La Pédi Bon to your dry, callused skin on your feet. Gently move the callus remover over the rough areas, letting the callus remover do all the work. If too much pressure is used, the device will immediately stop. Easy, safe, quick and amazing results…Silky Feet!

  • SPA RESULTS ~ Electronic callus remover gives professional spa results without going to salons.
  • PORTABLE ~ Callus Treatment and scrubber is portable and saves times and money.
  • EASY ~ Foot Callus remover wet/dry innovative device is easy to clean and operate. It makes foot care easy.
  • SAFE ~ Foot file callus remover portable, 360 rotate running, 300 wide angle, completely safe.

The Verdict:  Recommend – definitely!

The Website:  Purchased from Amazon!  Click Here.

Thanks for reading!  Wishing you summer ready feet!



Disclaimer:  I received this product in exchange for my review; however, opinions are 100% my own.


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