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Outside of the Box: Bags for Less Review!

I love bags (just ask about my unbelievable bag collection) and I love anything that says “for less”…um, less money spent on one product means that I can get MORE products – that’s a win for me!  When I saw the products offered by Bags for Less (TM) on Amazon, I just knew that I wanted to work with them on reviewing their products.  They offered a nice variety of products ranging from travel accessories to items that will help with workplace organization…and you know what, I love to travel, love organization, and…I have to work!  I knew that my life would benefit from having these products in them and, luckily for me, Bags for Less (TM) agreed to send me some of their products in exchange for my honest review (which is really easy to do when you think the products are a great quality for the price!).

Now, before I keep rambling on, let’s move on to the actual products!  I decided to review these in order of what I am MOST excited about to the items I was slightly less excited about it (believe me, I was excited about them all).

Black Leatherette Zippered Notepad Portfolio



I work as a therapist at a school and I never know where I am going to be able to meet with a client. At the same time, I am constantly needing to keep a lot of stuff on hand – business cards, paper, schedule book, various papers, pens, etc. Previously, I’d carry a bag to keep all this together, but when I received this Black Leatherette Zippered Notepad Portfolio, I was absolutely thrilled! I immediately stashed everything I need for a typical day into the portfolio and was surprised that, not only did everything I need fit, but it fit WELL – no bulging at all! I’m really impressed with this fact as other portfolios that I’ve used didn’t have the needed space, so purchasing them ended up being a complete waste. I would highly recommend this product, not only does it hold everything I need, but it is also a beautiful product that is sturdy and well-made. With the quality, I can not believe the amazing price point! If you are in the market for a portfolio that will hold what you need without feeling overly bulky, this is for you!  If this ever messes up, I would not blink at purchasing another one in an instant!  Click here to purchase for yourself!

Deluxe Black Striped Vibe Portfolio



Since I loved the previously mentioned portfolio so much, my expectations were high going into this portfolio and…it did not disappoint!  As I previously mentioned, I traded in using a bag to carry what I needed in exchange for trying out these portfolios, and I’m telling you, using these portfolios is 100% more convenient (and easier!) than carrying around a bag. Like the previous portfolio, everything I needed easily fit into this portfolio and I had no issues with zipping it without the portfolio bulging. Other portfolios had been a waste because they didn’t have the space I needed, but these are extremely roomy. This product is a great quality for an awesome price. When comparing it with the aforementioned portfolio, I will say this one is a little more bulky, but this is to be expected since this one also contains a calculator. If you are someone who frequently uses calculators, it’s a nice trade off – a little more bulk for a little extra convenience. (By the way, the extra added bulk really is minimal!) If you are in the market for a portfolio that will hold your necessities and that includes a convenient calculator, this would be a great option for you.  The main difference between these is based on what options you are looking for…if you want a portfolio that will hold paper, business cards, and your schedule only, it is best to go with the first one.  If you are more interested in a portfolio that will hold all of the above, plus comes with a calculator, and has a spot for your cellphone and a zip pocket where you can hold a key, change, etc., this is the better option.  Click here to purchase this for yourself!

Deluxe Travel Sports Duffel Bag in Black



This will be a perfect bag for a weekend away! When I saw this bag, I fell in love with it immediately. Look at how adorable it is! When I received it, I was definitely not disappointed. It’s big enough to carry what I need for a weekend, without being too much for a quick trip away. When I tested out what the bag would hold, I was pleased to find out that it would easily hold two pairs of pants, two shirts, a jacket, a couple pairs of underwear and socks, and the beauty necessities that I need in order to get ready in the morning! As I often go away for the weekend, this will make an awesome addition to my ever-growing bag collection and I can not wait to break it out for my next trip (I’m sure that it will make others jealous!). Great value for the price and the bag is exactly what I expected.  Click here to purchase this for yourself!

500 Sticky Note Organizer in Black


At work, I constantly need access to sticky notes. Throughout the day, I have millions of phone calls and/or random people providing me with information that I need to remember. Unfortunately, I don’t have the memory of a genius, so I have to write this information down…this is a serious must! I love that this has different sizes as I often use the larger squares for my notes and the smaller rectangles for marking pages in books, magazines, schedules, etc. In addition, it has the calendar in an extremely handy location – immediately within the organizer (includes years 2014 through 2016). Speaking of the organizer, it is a beautiful organizer, well-made, and convenient for organizing sticky notes so you don’t have them all over your desk space (most of us don’t have any extra room for that!).  Seriously, my desk has never been more organized!  Click here to purchase this for yourself!

Deluxe Toiletry Cosmetics Travel Bag with Tuck-away Metal Hook, 7 Compartments,in Black with Taupe Accents



Great amount of room available for the toiletry items that I need with me when I travel! The quality of the bag is as expected for the price. The bag is attractive and I think the taupe accents really add an extra level to the bag’s appearance. Most toiletry organizers come with a handle for carrying, but this one comes with a long strap for easier carrying (which is great when you already have a ton of stuff you are trying to travel with!). I also like that it has the built-in hook so that I can hang it up on the door hook that is available on most hotel room bathroom doors so that I don’t have to unpack everything to have easy access to it!  Click here to purchase this for yourself!

Deluxe Fleece Lined Ice Scraper Glove Mitt in Black



Okay, let me start this with a little story so you will better understand why I am so excited about this product…

About a month ago, I was in a hurry to go to work. I woke up a little later than I should have…getting ready took a little longer than expected…and I felt a little more frazzled than normal. As I ran out to my vehicle and jumped in, I was ready to get on the road and get to work as soon as possible (I had an unusual early morning meeting, after all). I went to look through the window and…there it was…ice. Lots of ice. What did I do? I quickly turned the windshield wipers on…no movement…ice had frozen the windshield wipers. NO! Luckily (or not so luckily depending on the part of the situation you focus on), I grabbed my ice scraper, but was I lucky enough to have this ice scraper at the time? NO! I had one of the “regular” ice scrapers without the mitt. As I quickly began scraping the ice away from the windows (which took way longer than I liked), my hands became scraped up and frozen. Although I did eventually get my windows clean and made it to work, I can only imagine how much smoother this unfortunate incident could have went if I had this Deluxe Fleece Ice Scraper Glove Mitt when I needed it most…I could have avoided the frozen hand and the little scrapes that hurt for days!

I’m now thrilled to have this scraper! Now, I wouldn’t say that I’m thrilled enough to wish for more ice on the window, I can say that removing that ice will be a lot easier now that I have this mitt. The fit is great, keeps my hand nice and warm, and it is ready to get the job done!  Click here to purchase this product for yourself!

12-can Large Vertical Insulated Cooler Bag in Red



I was surprised to see that another reviewer on Amazon said it was smaller than they expected, because I actually thought the opposite! The inside of the cooler is insulated to help with any water issues so it will not soak through the fabric and cause unfortunate issues (mold, ew). I don’t see any difficulty with this cooler bag holding the 12 cans (as advertised). It is exactly as I expected and will be perfect to fit my needs! I’m not much of a camper, but I go on the occasional road trip. Usually when I’m on the road, I don’t want to stop…I want to keep going and get to my final destination! This cooler bag will be a great addition on those trips – 12 cans of soda in the bag and off I go – no need to stop anywhere to get a drink! (Although, I might end up having to stop to use the bathroom after having 12 sodas!) If you are looking for an inexpensive, solidly made, mid-size cooler that can hold 12 can drinks, then this is the product for you.  Click here to purchase this for yourself!

Non Woven Golf Shoe Bag



For the price ($9.99 with Amazon Prime), and to use to hold my shoes when I travel, it was exactly as I expected. I did not expect an incredibly high quality fabric; however, even though it is not high quality, it still is of good quality – the fabric is thin, lightweight, and will not add much additional bulk when traveling. The main reason I needed this product was that, when traveling, I don’t want my shoes to touch articles of clothing. With this, I can cover the bottom of my shoes and keep other items from getting dirty without issue. I believe that, as long as I use the bag as intended, it will have no issue lasting a long time and performing the necessary purpose!  Click here to purchase this for yourself!

300 Sticky Notes with Ruler in Brown


What’s not to love? Sticky notes in two sizes and six colors to help with all of your organization needs as you flip through books, magazines, schedules, etc. and need to mark the most important information. Not only can you mark pages, but you can color-code it! I frequently use sticky notes at work and I don’t have the space to have them laying all over my desk – that’s why I love this organizer! Nothing better than an organizer that will keep everything in one place. In addition to organizing the needed sticky notes, this includes a ruler for quick use. Although I wouldn’t recommend this ruler for someone that constantly needs one on hand, it is great for those of us that needs a quick measurement every now and then!  Click here to purchase this for yourself!

Bamboo Sticky Note/ Memo Holder in Natural


This is an awesome and attractive way to organize sticky notes and/or memos so that you can keep them all in one place. The bamboo container seems well-made and solid and I love that it is re-usable even after using the included sticky notes. I have been keeping this set of sticky notes next to the phone at my work so that I can have easy access and quickly jot down information as I receive it. This was exactly as expected at a great price. It always helps to keep sticky notes conveniently on hand for when you need them the most.  Click here to purchase this for yourself!

Hanging Toiletry Cosmetics Travel Bag in Teal



Another great, affordable cosmetics/toiletry bag from Bags for Less! Although I would not call this a high quality bag (which I did not expect for $11.99), I would say that it provides everything that I expected – great, roll-up storage to keep my products separated, while also keeping everything in one easy-to-travel-with area! The color is really great too! I’ll definitely be using this one as a back-up to the previous hanging toiletry bag purchased from Bags for Less.  I especially think this would be a great starter make-up bag for teenagers just starting their makeup obsession!  Click here to purchase this for yourself!

New Breathable 54″ Suit/Dress Black Garment Bag



I was happy to receive this as I was leaving for a cruise and needed something to pack my formal wear in to keep it safe during the trip. This worked perfectly for the intended purpose. As others said in their reviews on Amazon regarding this bag, do not buy this if you are expecting a high quality fabric for your one of a kind or extremely high quality clothing. If you are going to store a precious article of clothing, you are going to want to invest in a higher priced garment bag. If you want it to keep every day (or even formal, as I did) clothing in it while you travel, this will be perfect! This is a lightweight fabric that does the job I intended it to do – keep dust, dirt, etc. off of my clothing while I traveled. Did it do this as expected? Yes! Did the quality of the product meet the price point? Yes! I had no issue fitting five of my formal wear items in this bag and the bag was long enough to completely cover my dresses.  Click here to purchase this for yourself!

Can you believe how awesome Bags for Less is?  I would seriously suggest checking out all of their products on Amazon so you can see what they have available – great products at incredibly reasonable prices.

The Verdict:  Recommend!

The Website:  Links included in review of each product.

Thanks for reading!  Wishing you products that fit all your organization needs…at a great price!



Disclaimer:  I received these products in exchange for my honest review; however, opinions are 100% my own.

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