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Outside of the Box: Softy All-Purpose Sanitizing Wipes Review!


When I ordered these wipes, I had a couple expectations – 1) I expected these to work like most other wipes (decent, but nothing special), 2) I expected the container to be of average size when compared to other similar products.  Let me just say now that, surprisingly enough, both of these expectations were shattered!

1)  These work much BETTER than other all-purpose sanitizing wipes that I’ve used – they cleaned up my counters perfectly without needing multiple wipes to complete the job.  On top of that, they did not leave a nasty film on my hands.  Some wipes that I’ve used would leave my hands feeling gross and I’d feel the need to wash them immediately after using the wipes – not with these!

2)  This container is HUGE!  Each wipe is bigger than I expected and more were in the container than what I was expecting too.  This container is seriously twice the size of other similar products that I’ve used.

I will definitely be re-ordering these in the future as they are a great value for the price that far exceeded my expectations!

Information about the product from Softy – 

  • 150 ct. EXTRA LARGE 7″ x 8″ wipes. Use fewer wipes to get the job done.
  • Anti-bacterial formula kills 99.9% of germs in less than 5 seconds.
  • Use on hands, body, and surfaces. Alcohol-free. Vitamin E + Aloe. Feels fabulous on your hands.
  • Soft & thick quilted fabric for a plush, pillowy feel. Strong enough to hold a 12-kg kettlebell.
  • Citrus Fresh Scent that smells amazing! Made in the USA.


The Verdict:  Recommend!

The Website:  Purchased from Amazon!  Click Here.

Thanks for reading!  Wishing you sanitized spaces and “Softy” hands!



Disclaimer:  I received this product in exchange for a review; however, opinions are 100% my own.


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