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Men’s Viewpoint: CanYouHandlebar Review!

Does anyone else have a man in her life that loves his beard as much, if not more, than he loves you?  No, is that just me?

Anyways, moving on, my husband loves his beard.  He thinks it is amazing.  He loves on it, he pampers it…I don’t think you could pay him enough to shave it!  Somewhere along the line, I even grew to love it too (I’d be sad to see it go!).


Now, with that being said, I was very excited that CanYouHandlebar sent my husband two products to try out on his beard in order to get his honest review.  The two products my husband tried out were the CanYouHandlebar Beard Dry Oil in Wisdom and the CanYouHandlebar Traditional Beard Oil in Wisdom.

CanYouHandlebar Beard Dry Oil in Wisdom


Let me just say, both of these products SMELL SO GOOD.  Every time my husband uses these products, I have to smell the beard…I even try to have other people smell his beard because it smells so good!  It has a “woodsy aroma” and I love it!  About the smell, CanYouHandlebar says, “This oil is built around the warm scent of fresh cut spruce and cedar with a hint of citrus. It is warm and fresh but definitely masculine. It will remind you of sitting by a fire with a cup of coffee and letting your mind wander.”

Information about the product from CanYouHandlebar –

  • Will make your beard or goatee look awesome, by restoring the oils it should have had all along.
  • Lightly softens the hairs.
  • Will make your facial hair look better by adding a very light gloss, while feeling softer and keeping your beard healthy and strong.
  • Can be applied with a beard oil brush or with fingers.

So, what did my husband think?  “Loved the smell, it was very easy to use and doesn’t get as messy as the regular oils.  It made my beard feel just as good as any oil I’ve used before.  I think I’d choose this over others mainly due to the convenience.”

CanYouHandlebar Traditional Beard Oil in Wisdom


This product is the same scent as the other so, as I have already said, the smell is wonderful!  I would not change a think about it!

Information about the product from CanYouHandlebar – 

  • The base oil was designed with excellent ingredients to help your beard look great and maintain its health.
  • The attention to detail extends to the labeling which is both waterproof and oil-proof.
  • Pour oil in hand or on beard oil brush.
  • Massage the oil into beard.
  • Comb with beard comb.
  • CanYouHandlebar suggests to, “Pet your dog to get oils off your hands.”  Humorous!

So, what did my husband think about this one?  “It has basically the same stuff as the other…the advantage it has over the dry is that this is actually quicker to use despite being messier…I can use it quicker than I can the dry and get my beard to do what I want.  Same smell, so of course that’s great.  It was great for the beard, but it stuck to my hands more than the dry did and that was kind of annoying.”  I told my husband to avoid that issue in the future, he could get the CanYouHandlebar Beard Oil Brush!

The Verdict:  Recommend!

The Website:  CanYouHandlebar

Thanks for reading!  Wishing you wonderful smelling significant others!



Disclaimer:  I received this product in exchange for a review; however, opinions are 100% my own.


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