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MEMEBOX Special #39 Cafe Box Review!


As usual, I was super excited to receive the Memebox Special #39 Cafe Box and even more excited to review it for my readers!  On the description card, Memebox shared the following regarding the Cafe Box – “Get your daily caffeine buzz with this Cafe Box!  Wake up and smell the coffee has just taken on a whole new meaning!  We’ve rounded up freshly brewed beauty goods that will remind you of your favorite indulgent drinks from your go-to coffee join.  Indulge your senses in a swirl of sweet sin, and brim with delight with milky sweeties that will boost your beauty!  Set your mug aside and cozy up to this Cafe Box and see what’s brewing at Memebox!”  It came in the beautiful, bright pink box like always!


Now, let’s move on to what’s INSIDE the box.  Memebox always includes a helpful description box that discusses the products, including the retail value, product description, and how to use.


Information about the products inside the Memebox Special #39 Cafe Box (product descriptions directly from card) – 

  • Vella Fresh Creamy Soap 100ml ($13)
    • This whip cream-textured cleanser is enriched with deeply hydrating and soothing formula: donkey milk, 3 kinds of honey complex, and 4 kinds of floral extracts.  Its highly concentrated and minutely fine creamy bubbles thoroughly cleans away all skin impurities and excess sebum while making sure to soothe, protect, and moisturize the skin so that its pH balance isn’t broke during cleansing.  To Use: Lather the Fresh Creamy Soap and gently massage onto face, rinse with warm water.


  • Tonymoly Latte Art Cappuccino Cream-In Scrub 95g ($13)
    • Enriched with milk protein, caffeine, coffee extracts, and acetyl hexapeptide-8, the Latte Art Cappuccino Cream-In Scrub is a massaging-type facial scrub that works to effectively remove all skin impurities clogging up the pores, deliver rich nutrition, and firm up the skin elasticity all in one.  This product is especially recommended for rough, darkened skin conditions suffering from dryness and white flakes.  To Use: Spread the scrub on dray face, massage in for 3 to 5 minutes, rinse with warm water when scrub color changes to white.


  • Holika Holika Dessert Time Lip Balm 7g ($6)
    • We’ve selected 3 most popular cupcakes from Holika Holika’s adorably packaged Dessert Time Lip Balm series.  The strawberry scented 01 Red Cupcake has a translucent red colored texture and offers a glossy radiance to your lips.  The tinted 03 Peach Cupcake is scented with a delicate peach fragrance and features peach colored, unjaded lips with a lasting color formation.  Last but not least, the newly launched 05 Plum Pink boosts a refreshingly fruity cherry scent and a pop plum-pink colored tint.  To Use: Spread on lips.


  • Cleomee Anti-Wrinkle Donkey Lotion 250ml ($83)
    • Cleomee’s gentle and moisturizing formula consisting of donkey milk, hyaluronic acid, ceramide, glycerin, vitamin E, and EGF complex delivers rich nutrition and replenishment deep down into your skin.  Donkey milk and its milky goodness far exceeds cow’s milk and even goat’s milk in its similarity to mother’s breast milk, and is also highly prized to have been the secret to Cleopatra’s unfailing beauty and skincare.  To Use:  Apply liberally to face and/or body.


  • Pure Smile [Original] Mask Sheet 23ml ($1)
    • The Herb Mask Sheet is infused with lavender extracts, hyaluronic acid, vitamin E, and collagen, and works to relieve and moisturize the skin, while the Green Tea Mask Sheet contains abundant green tea extracts for maintaining the skin’s moisture/oil balance and its firmness.  To Use: Place mask sheet on face, let sit for 15 to 20 minutes, remove, and pat remaining essence for full absorbance.


  • Binu Cook Ice Cream Scoop Cacao Body Soap 70g ($3)
    • Shaped and smells like a scoop of delicious chocolate ice cream, this 100% natural, hand-made soap bar will cleanse away all excess oil, sebum, and dead skin cells from your face and body, and leaves the skin feeling nice and supple.  To Use: Wash skin with warm water, lather soap and massage gently over skin, rinse with warm water.


Overall, I think this Memebox did a fantastic job of going with the “Cafe Box” theme.  On top of following the theme fantastically, this box smelt delicious the second I opened it.  Coffee aroma (and ice cream!) filled the air and I did feel like I was in a “cafe.”  Although I’ve not yet had a chance to try out all the products, I can speak to the fact that I think this box is an amazing value for the money and is great for any cafe lover out there.  Buy this box and get your fill of coffee, desserts, milk, and tea!

The Verdict:  Recommend!

The Website:  Memebox

The Direct Website:  Memebox Special #39 Cafe Box (This box is currently sold out; however, I have found all Memebox products to be a fantastic value!)

Thanks for reading!  Wishing you fantastic boxes full of amazing products!



Disclaimer:  Products received in exchange for a review; however, opinions are 100% my own.  Post may contain affiliate links.


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