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Memebox Special #31 Earth & Sea Cosmetics Review!


Okay, anyone who has read my blog for an extended period of time knows how I feel about Memebox (hint: I’M IN LOVE)!  One thing you may not know about me is that deep within my soul lives a wannabe hippie who dreams of living an “all natural” lifestyle.  As far fetched as that actually is, I do love the dream and the Memebox Special #31 Earth & Sea Cosmetics makes me feel one step closer to my dream!

For those of you who have limited knowledge of Memebox, you may want to look at a previous Memebox review where I discussed various details about Memebox more in depth (available here!).

Now, back to this box!  As usual, it arrived in the cute pink box


…and included the usual product information cards (always incredibly helpful to have on hand as most of the instructions on the actual products are not in English).


What products are included in the Memebox Special #31 Earth & Sea Cosmetics?  (Product descriptions directly from information cards!  Opinions on each product at the end of the review!)


Tosowoong Super Aqua Cooling Gel (80g/$34)

The Super Aqua Cooling Gel is an ultra-cooling cream gel that provides long-lasting freshness and comfort the the face and body.  Full of mineral and nutrients from glacier waters, this gel is ideal for cooling overheated skin and relieving irritated skin.  Deep sea minerals also strengthen and moisturize skin so that you can have firm and supple skin all day long.  To Use:  Massage a small amount into skin until fully absorbed, can be used morning and night after skin toner.


Secret Nature Volcanic Ash Pore Pack (100g/$36)

Enriched with organic Jeju complex and mineral rich volcanic ash, charcoal, green tea, and pine needle extracts, this Volcanic Ash Pore Pack works wonders for controlling excess sebum and tightening enlarged pores.  Plus, it’s free of paraben, artificial fragrance, and artificial coloring, and suitable for all skin types.  To Use:  Spread on face, let sit for 10-15 minutes, rinse with warm water.


Dewytree Mineral Healthy Sun Cut Loose Powder SPF36 PA++ (10g/$34)

Dewytree’s loose powder is enriched with natural minerals and essential oil for maintaining your skin’s moisture level and leaving a long-lasting silky finish to your makeup.  Plus, it has a UV protection level of SPF 36 PA++ and uses an air pocket puff that does not clog the pores with powder application.  To Use:  Pat on face at end of normal makeup routine or throughout the day as needed.


Shara Shara Black Charcoal Mask Purifying (23g/$2)

Shara Shara’s Black charcoal Mask contains high concentrates of charcoal powder and volcanic ash complex for clearing your skin of dirt, impurities, and sebum clogging up your pores.  It also works to soothe and protect sensitive skin with its wine and aloe vera leaf formula.  To Use:  Place on face, leave for 15-30 minutes, remove and pat remaining essence into face.


Elizavecca Elastic Pore Mask Cleansing Foam (120ml/$29)

Made from 6,000mg of charcoal, 3,000 mg of collagen from pig skin, and spider extracts, the Elastic Pore Mask Cleansing Foam is a mask and a facial cleanser all in one.  As weird as the combination of charcoal, collagen, and spider extracts sounds, this black mask will penetrate deep into your pores,clearing away all dead skin cells and blackheads with bubbles as fine as a spider web.  A quick 5 minutes every day is all you ever need to treat enlarged pores and excess skin impurities!  To Use:  Spread evenly over dry face, wet with small amount of water and gently rub face for 3-5 minutes.  Rinse with warm water.


Ariul Spa Water 24 Hours Moisturizing Refreshing Mist (100ml/$18)

Ariul SPA WATER 24 Hours Moisturizing Refreshing Mist is made from pure spa water extracted straight from Belgium rich in minerals and various amino acids.  The mist works to deliver an instant replenishment into your skin, creating a moisture barrier for preventing any dehydration for all day long.  It can also be used as a boosting serum for enhancing absorbance of other skincare products.  To Use:  Spray onto face (about 30cm away), pat in to face.  Can be applied after cleansing, or whenever face feels dehydrated.

I recently have become really interested in spa services, including massages, facials, and other things of the sort!  This box goes along very nicely with this new interest of mine!  When I was receiving a facial, they used a refreshing mist and I loved how it felt and am very excited to receive the Ariul Spa Water 24 Hours Moisturizing Refreshing Mist in this box.  Talk about fantastic hydration!  After using this product, my face looked hydrated, healthy, and GLOWING.  On top of that, I only needed a FRACTION of my moisturizer that I normally need.  This would be fantastic on a hot day or when my skin was feeling drier than normal.

The Shara Shara Black Charcoal Mask felt great on my face (it did not leave behind a greasy feel!) and left my face looking healthy and moisturized.

The Secret Nature Volcanic Ash Pore Pack works to remove dirt and impurities from pores and I could definitely see that it was doing this.  To me, this reminded me a lot of the GLAMGLOW Supermud Treatment that everyone is raving about (me included!).  When compared to GLAMGLOW, you couldn’t see the impurities it was removing quite as well, but I saw similar results for a much cheaper price.

If you are looking for a new, exciting, and interesting cleanser, Elizavecca Elastic Pore Mask Cleansing Foam may be the right one for you.  It’s a BLACK cleanser/mask made from charcoal, pig collagen, and spider extracts.  After using, my face felt clean and my husband said he could notice blackheads looked as if they had diminished.

A couple of the products I have not yet used, mainly because they have not been needed thus far – the Tosowoong Super Aqua Cooling Gel I will likely save for sunburns and the Dewytree Mineral Healthy Sun Cut Loose Powder is not something I would use as winter months are approaching and my skin gets dry fairly easily!  Both of these will be amazing to have next summer.

Price for this Memebox was $29 + $6.99 shipping.  Great value!

The Verdict:  Recommend!  Especially the Ariul Spa Water 24 Hours Moisturizing Refreshing Mist and the Elizavecca Elastic Pore Mask Cleansing Foam!

The Website:  Memebox USA

The Direct Website:  Memebox Special #31 Earth & Sea Cosmetics

Thanks for reading!  Wishing you fantastic face products that help you reach your inner potential (hippie dreams, here I come!)!



Disclaimer:  I received these products in exchange for a review; however, opinions are 100% my own.  Post may contain affiliate links.


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