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A Quick Unboxing: Total Beauty Jetsetter Review!


Well, I wanted to share what I received in the mail box wise, but most of this has already been discussed quite a lot in social media groups and on other blogs, so I figured there was no need to go into a super detailed, in-depth review.  If I was wrong and you have any questions or would like me to further review any of the items, do not hesitate to ask!

A couple weeks ago, I decided it would be a great idea to buy the Total Beauty Jetsetter Grab Bag and was super excited about it!  For starters, I had ordered a Total Beauty box in the past and LOVED it and thought it was a fantastic deal.  Unfortunately, I ended up being pretty let down by this box and it has made me think twice about ordering from Total Beauty in the future.

Okay, there were three choices for the type of “grab bag” you were interested in – the themes were Jetsetter, Bombshell, and Essentials.  Essentials didn’t sound too fun to me and I wouldn’t really describe myself as a “Bombshell,” so I decided to go with the Jetsetter!  When I heard Jetsetter, I was thinking about fun and exciting products!  For those of you who are unaware of the actual definition of jetsetter, defines the term as “a fashionable social set composed of wealthy people who travel frequently by jetliner to parties and resorts.”  Um, hello…of course I want to have products that make me feel fashionable, wealthy, and well-traveled…was there ever any doubt about this!?

But, unfortunately…this “grab bag” did not live up to the hype…it did not make me feel like any more of a jetsetter. 😦


At first glance, I was a little underwhelmed.  I didn’t really see anything that made me say, “Wow!”  Or that made me feel excited to dive in to the box’s contents.


Vapour Nail Lacquer in Scandal – Tiny bottle.  Tiny, tiny bottle.  I do love the color red for my nails, but I have a TON of red nail polishes, so I am just okay with this.  Plus, I can’t believe that this bottle at this size retails for $16!


NYX Roll on Shimmer in Pink – No.  Just no.  I’m sorry, but roll on shimmer probably looks fantastic on some people, but it is just not something that I will use.  Especially not in this bright pink.


Ren Glycol Lactic Radiance Renewal Mask – This sounds like a mask I may enjoy using…hopefully I really do feel like my face is radiant and renewed after using it!


Acure Body Wash – I’ve never tried Acure products, but I’ve heard great things about them, so I will be excited to try this product.


Juara Candlenut Body Creme and LaLicious Vanilla Body Butter – I haven’t used either of these yet and they may be fantastic.  I just had higher hopes for this box and didn’t expect to receive samples like THIS.  I mean, once opened there is no closing them.  Maybe I’m just a little bit of a complainer at this point because I wasn’t thrilled with this box, but hey…at least I’ll admit it.


Montagne Jeunesse Aloe Vera Face Spa (1 Mask) – This product just doesn’t feel very exciting.  It’s a face mask.  I already have a TON of face masks.  And on top of that, I can run to Walmart and buy this same face mask for less than a couple dollars.


Astara Skin Care Activated Antioxidant Infusion – Out of all the products, this is the only one I have used routinely since receiving this box.  First off, I was confused about what the product even was because the bottle is not very clear.  AND it appeared to be half empty.  I decided it was likely a skin moisturizer and have used it on my face for the past week.  Seems to be keeping it well moisturized, no irritation issues, and no break-outs!

The Total Beauty Jetsetter Grab Bag cost $20, but they currently have a couple coupons that can be used – either SALE20 to get 20% off OR 2FOR30 to get two grab bags for $30.

For an HONEST review of the products from a fellow beauty blogger, you can check out her YouTube unboxing here!

The Verdict:  Would not recommend as I was disappointed overall…I didn’t feel it met the advertised value or that it followed through with the theme.  

The Website:  Total Beauty Jetsetter Grab Bag

Thanks for reading!  Wishing you great grab bags in the future!




4 thoughts on “A Quick Unboxing: Total Beauty Jetsetter Review!

  1. The Vapour Beauty nail polish is expensive because it’s from a certified organic company & I have heard nice things about their polish as well as receiving & buying some of their products. They’ve been including the NYX roll on shimmers in a variety of colors for over a year along with the Juara Candlenut body cream sample. Give the REN glycolic mask a try – I have a collection of that size & they’re actually a very nice peel. You should be able to get several uses from that size and it is an expensive product.. The rest of the box isn’t any roaring heck & I’d have been disappointed with the value. So glad that when I tried to order this & the Bombshell version that it wouldn’t accept my Canadian bil
    ling address.


    1. Okay, I have never heard much about Vapour and will be excited to give it a try! Hopefully I’ll see why it was worth so much! I guess they had a lot of available NYX Shimmer and Juara Body Cream since it’s been included for awhile. I just know shimmer is something I will NOT use. I’ll definitely give the REN mask a try…I’m excited to do so! Lucky you that it wouldn’t let you order!


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