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Purple Prairie Review!


I love trying new products…especially when they are natural products!  That’s why I think it is awesome that Purple Prairie Botanicals agreed to send me samples of their products to try out!

To tell you a little more about the “natural” aspects of the companies, I thought I’d share the list of products that Purple Prairie Botanicals are free from…directly from the company! 








Synthetic Fragrances, Dyes


Animal Ingredients


 The Products

Included with the product names is the information directly from the website about each specific product.  Also, clicking the product will link you to the website where you can purchase!


Purple Prairie Botanicals Deet Free Bug Spray for People and Pets (4.2 oz. for $7.99) 96% Natural Ingredients

A natural, safe way to keep gnats, biting flies and mosquitoes away.  A special blend of essential oils and plant extracts in a clean witch hazel and water base.  Deet free.  Try it on itchy bites, poison ivy, chicken pox and other itchies too.  Safe for all ages.  4.2 oz. bottle with spray top.  

  • The Verdict:  When I use bug spray, I always worry about the smell!  This has a strong smell, but it quickly fades and it is not near as intense as bug spray formula’s that have deet.  The fantastic thing is that it does exactly what it says…from someone who lives in Arkansas surrounded by lakes, let me just say that I get A LOT of mosquito bites.  NOT ANYMORE!  With this spray, I’ve not had to worry about mosquito bites anymore – a major plus!


Purple Prairie Botanicals Peaceful Prairie Organic Olive Oil Lotion (8 oz. for $10.99, 4 oz. for $6.99) 99% Natural Ingredients

A daily reprieve, this renewing blend of Lavender, YlangYlang and Chamomile has the ability to promote peaceful sleep, dismiss emotional states, arouse the senses and relieve skin ailments. The hydrating properties of organic olive oil & shea butter will leave your skin nourished, soft and glowing. 4 or 8 oz. recyclable PET bottle.  Aromatherapeutic Benefits: Calming-Healing-Balancing

  • The Verdict:  To be honest, I don’t love the smell of this product.  It has a very natural smell and I can definitely see why it is described as a “calming smell.”  The moisture that it delivers is amazing and it doesn’t leave a sticky film behind like some moisturizers do!  I think that this lotion may be more of an acquired smell and it’s just not something that I think I mesh well with.


Purple Prairie Botanicals 100% Natural Essential Oil Soap (Three Scents – 4 oz. for $3.99)

  • Peaceful Prairie – 100% Natural Ingredients 

    Beautiful, nourishing ylangylang and lavender oils combined with chamomile flowers calm irritated skin and relax your mind, body and spirit. 4 oz. bar.  Aromatherapy Benefits: Calming, Healing, Balancing.

  • Patchouli Vanilla – 100% Natural Ingredients 

    This exquisite body bar will bring you back to a better time and intoxicate your senses with pure patchouli oil and vanilla. Peace, love and lather be with you. 4 oz. Bar.  Aromatherapy Benefits: Soothing, Meditative, Calming.

  • Ginger Clove – 100% Natural Ingredients 

    Add some spice to your life!  Ginger Clove is a warm, invigorating soap sure to bring comfort and enrich your soul.  Its great lather and aroma will make itself at home anywhere you use it!  4 oz. Aromatherapy Benefits:  Warm~Glowing~Comforting

    • The Verdict (for all three bars!):  All three bars left my skin feeling incredibly moisturized when I used them!  All three soaps had very natural smells, which I’m sure is what you can expect when something has 100% natural ingredients.  Out of the three, I think my favorite smell is definitely the Ginger Clove!

The Verdict:  Included with each product above!

The Website:

Thanks for reading!  Wishing you fantastic smelling products!




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