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Organoderm Review!

I contacted Organoderm about reviewing their products and they were kind enough to send me not one, but TWO products to review – the Organoderm Fresh Foaming Organic Cleanser and the Organoderm Breast Cream!  I didn’t know much about this company, so initially I wanted to take the time to inform myself about Organoderm.  Here’s some information from the company to get an idea about them and their products – 

Organic, natural bio-actives products with outstanding results

Recyclable, environmentally conscious packaging

Goal to give you the best skin possible

Awareness and responsibility for our planet is part of the company’s philosophy

Nutrition for healthy, glowing skin

Offering for consumers that are exclusive to Organoderm users

Dr. developed, approved, and recommended

EFFECTIVE in restoring, protecting, and maintaining your skin 

Research ongoing for expanded organic products

Money saving product sizes and free recycling program for users

ORGANODERM was developed by Dr.Domanskis after much research and clinical testing to effectively deliver the most natural Bio-Active ingredients to REJUVENATE, ACHIEVE, and MAINTAIN radiant skin without the inclusion of harmful chemicals.  ORGANODERM SKIN CARE is for all generations and genders who are concerned about looking good but also staying healthy.

As you all know, I’m always interested in trying out organic, natural products!  Especially if they have the added benefit of following through with their claims of being effective, great-smelling, and worth the price.

The Products


Organoderm Fresh Foaming Organic Cleanser (4 oz. for $26)

Organoderm states that this product “cleanses and purifies the face while maintaining balance.”  This product can be used on the face and the body.  Organoderm claims that this can also be used twice daily as it is not harsh or drying!

  • The Verdict:  I love this product!  I don’t have sensitive skin, but if I had to choose my most sensitive skin area, it would be my face!  This cleanser makes my face feel fresh and clean, without making it feel irritated or affecting the moisture levels.  (I don’t know about you, but I’ve used cleansers in the past that made me feel like I IMMEDIATELY needed to put on my moisturizer!)  One thing I have to personally get used to about organic products is the smell factor.  This product does not smell bad AT ALL, but since it doesn’t have fragrance additives, it really doesn’t have much of a smell that I can really identify.  I’m too used to added fragrances and over-exaggerated smells (that’s a me problem, NOT an Organoderm issue!).


Organoderm Breast Cream (4 oz. for $44)

This product was created with one main purpose in mind – a moisturizer that is non-toxic and usable on one of the most delicate areas on the body that allows for better self-examination.  That’s right…this product’s main purpose is to help you with your breast self-examination to check for any abnormal lumps!  When it comes to your health, early detection is key in fighting any kind of health concern, including breast cancer.  The website also provides you with a video to show how to examine your breasts…review that video…do your self-exams!

  • The Verdict:  Wow!  I use this regularly now!  I know initially when I was sent the product, I was a little taken aback.  A cream made specifically to be rubbed on my breasts?  It seemed odd!  But the idea behind it is PERFECT.  Ladies, apply this often – it will keep you doing the much needed checks.  In addition, I’m not sure my breast skin has ever felt softer and I’ve not had any irritation issues.  Win, win!  

 The Verdict:  With the product information!

The Website: 

Thanks for reading!  Wishing you optimal health and wellness!



Disclaimer:  These products were provided to me in exchange for reviews; however, reviews are 100% my own opinion.  I would never recommend products to my readers that I wouldn’t use myself.  

*Pictures of products from Organoderm website.


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