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Memebox Global #13 Review

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Yay, another Memebox (pronounced Mi-mi-box, for those of you who were unsure)!  I’m fairly new to Memebox (this is my second box).  My first box (Memebox Special #23 Girl’s Night Out) did not disappoint…actually, I fell completely in love with Memebox after receiving it!  Since I’m pretty new, I didn’t know much about the various types of boxes and was excited to find out about the Memebox Global boxes.

Memebox Global is the bestselling, original version Memebox. Memebox Global is designed to offer the best way to explore Korean beauty products. It comes out every month and it includes various selections of items from skincare to haircare.

About the company – 

Memebox is the #1 beauty box provider in Korea and just recently arrived in the US and other various countries (shipped directly from Korea!).  Memebox includes the most trusted and loved Korean beauty products (known for their high quality and effectiveness) at reasonable prices.  Memebox carries four types of boxes –

  • Memebox – The original!  4 to 8 full sized products/deluxe samples.  Contents vary from hair products, body products, skin-care, and cosmetics.
  • Memebox Special Editions – 4 to 8 full sized products/deluxe samples with its own theme!  The special edition boxes are designed to meet various concerns, follow certain beauty trends, or fit consumer needs by season!
  • Superbox – Full sized products coming in a themed box, targeting various concerns or collaborating with favorite brands!
  • Luckybox – Want to feel like the luckiest person in the world?  This is the box for you!  Every one of these boxes is completely unique and filled with 4 to 8 full sized products/deluxe samples from Korea.  These boxes are aimed at giving consumers exposure to a wide range of products.  In the past, Luckyboxes would contain some of the most popular items from sold-out Memeboxes!

They also carry full-size products in the Memeshop!  One question I’ve been asked several times is whether this is a subscription box…it’s not!  No commitment to receive one monthly.  Instead, you can go check out the website and pick which box works best for you as you would like to receive it!

The people at Memebox were also awesome enough to include a promo code for my readers:  6561WY will get $5 off on any order and is valid until the end of August (limit one time per customer).

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Now, on to discussing Memebox Global #13!

As usual, it came in the super cute pink box and had the information card which I have learned is extremely helpful!  Most of the products I’ve received only have Korean instructions on the side, so I definitely appreciate having the information card to give me the needed instructions!

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The Products – 

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  • 23years old CX Detoxifying Air Therapy (Full-sized product, $50)
    • This product is made from carbonated water and is used to create sparkling bubbles on your face that penetrate into the skin to cleans away impurities in your pores.  This carbonated water is rich in minerals and helps brighten and firm the skin for a great revitalized feeling!  To use, you apply the Carboxy pack on your face, place the provided mask over the gel, leave on for about 20~30 minutes, and then rinse with warm water!
      • The Verdict:  Oh. My. God.  On the instruction card, they say to expect that “it may prickle a little bit.”  I honestly think “a little bit” is a serious understatement.  If they hadn’t mentioned the prickle, I would have taken it off my face immediately and been scared that I had done something wrong.  I was not used to the idea that a product could cause my face to feel that…uncomfortable!  Although it felt scary initially, I will say that at the end I could seriously tell a major difference!  My face felt tighter and incredibly smooth – my husband couldn’t stop rubbing my face!  Also, it did feel revitalized and looked glowing. 🙂  (See bonus picture at bottom of post!)


  • Donga Tempo Eco Natural Super (x 3) (Full-sized product includes 16 for $11)
    • Okay, to put it simple, these are tampons.  Apparently, Donga was the first Korean brand to produce tampons in the 1970s.  These are made from 100% purely organic cotton and are supposed to be very gentle/comfortable.  To use, apply the applicator, push in the cotton, and pull out the applicator…I think most of you guys know how tampons work!
      • The Verdict:  I can’t vouch for this product yet as it has not been necessary since receiving this box; however, I will say that I like the idea of it being 100% pure organic cotton!


  • CNP Cosmetics CNP Derma-Scalp Shampoo 25g (Full-sized product is 250g and cost $27)
    • This shampoo is used to deeply cleanse the scalp – unclogs pores, removes impurities, all while being cool and refreshing.  Works for sensitive and troublesome scalps!  To use, lather the shampoo in your hands, massage into wet hair and scalp, leave for four minutes, then rinse with warm water.
      • The Verdict:  Loved the smell and really could feel a cooling sensation when using!  It was a tingle, but a great tingle.  I do feel like my hair was very clean after using this product…especially at the scalp and roots!  It was more runny than I’m used to my shampoos being which I’m sure is part of the reason you really need to lather in your hands before putting on your hair.


  • CNP Cosmetics CNP Tone-Up Protection Sun 15ml (Full-sized product is 50ml and cost $34)
    • SPF42/PA+++ sunblock to protect skin from the sun!  Contains “powdery components” to help keep skin soft.  Deep sea water is included and helps to prevent skin dehydration.  To use, apply on the face, neck, arms, and legs – can also be used as a makeup base!
      • The Verdict:  I used this as a makeup base and it felt smooth on my face.  Once it was completely rubbed in, it did feel more like a powder was applied than a cream.  I noticed that I had to use more of this product than I normally have to use when applying creams/moisturizers.  It did leave my skin soft and had a nice floral smell!

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  • Yufit Eon Wheat-Germ Cream 75ml (Full-sized product, $48)
    • The organic wheat bud extract (over 75% of this cream!) hydrates, firms, brightens, and fights aging.  This cream is supposed to be safe to use, even on sensitive skin.  Use this product to tighten pores for a healthy and younger looking complexion.  To use, apply generously to face at end of usual skincare regimen (to be used both day and night).
      • The Verdict:  I used it at the end of the day after my normal routine before going to bed.  It made my face feel really soft and I think I’ll be keeping this as a part of my nightly regimen!  This is another product that makes my face look like it’s glowing!  It looks so hydrated and really brightens my complexion!  The texture of the product is thick and creamy and it has a pleasant, clean smell.



  • Soy BIO+ Soy Bio Plus Fermented Lumpoule 5ml (x 2) (Full-sized product contains 14 of the 5ml bottles, $174)
    • What is “Lumpoule?”  This word combines two other words – ‘lump’ and ‘ampoule.’  This product is made from Korean fermented soy bean lump, while ‘ampoule’ is the word for any sealed glass container containing liquid.  This product is used to prevent formation of fine lines/wrinkles and brightens complexion.  To use, after toner, apply 2-3 drops on face and pat in to make sure it fully absorbs.
      • The Verdict:  First off, I had no idea what an ‘ampoule’ was and had to look it up.  Didn’t realize it was going to have such a simple definition!  On my face, it feels like any other serum that I might use and I don’t have a lot of fine lines/wrinkles right now (knock on wood!).  I’ll also say that I had to use WAY more than 2-3 drops to apply it on my entire face.


  • Nuganic Customized Sun Base Color Control Cream 40ml (Full-sized, $54)
    • This product is enriched with snail mucus extracts, aloe vera leaf, lemon, and other plant extracts.  It is used to balance out skin’s oil/moisture level.  Use this product to cover up skin imperfections and leave the skin with a glowing, natural shine!  High SPF to protect from the sun as well. To use, spread evenly on face!
      • The Verdict:   This product is white when you put it on your face, but turns tinted once you start to rub it in!  I think that’s awesome and that it really helped with matching my skin’s complexion.  I had to use more of this product than I normally do when I use creams, but it left my skin looking very evenly colored and would be a great base.

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The Overall Verdict:  Recommend, especially if you are in the market to try new skincare products!  The value for the money is fantastic as well.  This Memebox costs $23 + $6.99 shipping and is worth so much more than that (the three full size products alone cost over $150!).

The Website: (For this box specifically, click here!) 

Thanks for reading!  Wishing you all the skincare products you want and need (and the money to buy it)!



P.S. Bonus picture of me in the mask!  Ouch!

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Disclaimer:  I received this product in exchange for a review; however, I would never recommend something to my readers that I did not use myself.  In addition, regardless of how I received the product, I honestly review it.  Post may include affiliate links.


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