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Elin Bianco Treatment Shampoo and Treatment Mask Reviews

I requested samples from Elin Bianco in exchange for doing a review and they kindly sent me travel size versions of their Treatment Shampoo and Treatment Mask!  (Plus, they sent it in this super cute pink bag!)


To check out the full size versions of their products, click here for the Treatment Shampoo and here for the Treatment Mask!  First off, I’ll let the Elin Bianco website tell you about each of these products –

Elin Bianco Treatment Shampoo is specially formulated to clean, nourish and soften hair while weightlessly smoothing it for greater manageability and shine. It also repairs damaged hair by sealing and repairing split ends. It gently removes residue, and adds a double layer of protection against future damage. Enriched with Organic Palm Kernel Oil, Natural Silicon, Coconut Extracts, Flax Oil and Sea-Buckthorn Oil, Elin Bianco Treatment Shampoo can be used daily to give hair vitality and luminance while preserving its nutrients and moisture balance. It is also sulfate- and paraben-free so it is safe for use with all types of straightening treatments.”

Elin Bianco Treatment Mask is designed to improve hair vitality, softness and shine, to repair damaged hair, and to provide intense moisture, while preserving hair nutrients and moisture balance. It is the perfect blend of vitamin-rich Organic Palm Kernel Oil with Natural Silicon, Coconut Extracts, Flax Oil, Sea-Buckthorn Oil and high concentrations of natural keratin, minerals and proteins.”

20140814_134822 (1)

The full size version of the Treatment Shampoo is $36 (10.05 fl. oz.) and the Treatment Mask is $60 (16.9 fl. oz.).

I used both of these in my hair during my luxurious bubble bath (I wish).  I immediately noticed the smell…I LOVED IT.  The closest thing I can compare it to is baby powder, but better.  It smelled very clean and fresh!  On top of how great it smelled, it’s nice knowing that it is also great for my hair – cleaning it, nourishing it, removing residue, adding protection, and adding moisture!  I don’t know about you, but that sounds like a win-win situation to me, for sure!  After drying my hair, I could tell that it was very soft with great shine…it looked so healthy!  (See for yourself below!)

20140816_120552 (1) 

The Verdict:  Recommend!  Love how it made my hair look/feel and smells fantastic!

The Website:

Connect with them via Facebook:  (Psst…I did see that they have posted discount codes for their products on their Facebook page in the past!)

Thanks for reading!  Wishing you all healthy hair that smells fantastic!





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