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Blog Request Number Two!

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I received the following comment from thebeautyhack – 

“Hi! I love your reviews and I’m wondering how you go about asking for samples! Thanks ^^ x”

I’m more than happy to share my “secrets” with you! 😉  It’s actually really simple…you just ASK.  It’s easy to find the “Contact Us” on most websites and find out the best email address to use to contact them.  Most times, they have a contact form on their website you are able to use.  Usually, I find the companies with products that I would like to try and I started by sending them emails that basically stated –

My name is Tosha and I’ve heard great things about your products!  I’d love the chance to try before buying as I’ve had bad luck with products not working out for me in the past.  Do you ever offer samples to try?  If so, it would be greatly appreciated!  I look forward to trying out your product!

Now that I’m not trying to do samples as much and am more trying to receive products from companies to review, I send the following type of email – 

Hello!  My name is Tosha and I’m a beauty blogger looking to review new products on my blog!  I’m very interested in [the brand] and am hoping that I can help you spread the word about your products!  Please feel free to look at my website (toshasbeautyreviews.com) and let me know if you have any questions.  I look forward to working with you in the future!

With either email, I make sure to include my home address at the bottom in case they want to send products. Some companies will send without even replying to your email.  A really important thing to remember is to PERSONALIZE your email.  One size does not fit all when trying to get companies to send you samples and/or products to review.  

Hope this helps!  If any of you have any more questions, please let me know!

Thanks for reading!  Wishing all your “sample” dreams to come true!




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