Rae Cosmetics Lip Shade Lipstick in Gulf Coast Gal Review

I contacted Rae Cosmetics regarding trying their samples and they sent me a decent amount of options; however, you do have to pay shipping to receive the samples.  I believe it was $7.00 for shipping.


I felt like they gave a nice variety of samples, but the amount in each sample container was limited on some of their products compared to others.  For example, I received a decent amount of blush, but not so much on the lipstick.  Below is the sample of Rae Cosmetics Lip Shade Lipstick in Gulf Coast Gal that I received –


Onto the review…the lipstick goes on very smooth and adequately moisturizes the lips and definitely does not dry your lips out.  The cost of the lipstick on their website is $18, which is a little more than I’m usually comfortable spending on cosmetics that I haven’t heard the name of before.  On their website, the following picture was used to illustrate the color Gulf Coast Gal –


I’m not sure if this is a sample in which I was able to pick the color I wanted to try, or if they just sent me a sample; however, I usually do not wear this shade of pink on my lips because I like lip colors that are a little more bold.  On my lips, it looks more like I’m wearing a slightly tinted gloss than a lipstick, so if I was to purchase a color in the future, this is probably not the one I would go for.  I do think this could possibly be a good color for a more laid back and relaxed type of day!

2014-08-11 18.03.06

So, I’d like to know what you think!  Do you like this color?  What do you think of the price?  Any other additional information you want to share with me?

The Verdict:  Recommend for the way it makes my lips feel; however, I probably wouldn’t personally choose this color for myself.

The Website:

Thanks for reading!  Wishing you all the lipstick you’ve ever wanted!




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