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Borghese Gentle Makeup Remover Review

I requested samples from Borghese and they very politely sent me quite a few awesome products to try!


I was interested in the makeup remover and it caught my attention since it was gel and I’d never used a gel makeup remover…due to this, it jumped to the front of the line of samples I wanted to try and review!


To use, it simply states that you need to rub the product on your face (it suggests using a cotton pad, but I just used my finger) and then to rinse with water or remove with a tissue.  Once I rinsed the gel off of my face with the water, I could tell that it did a great job removing my makeup!  Also, I think it would be great for skin sensitivities because it didn’t have much of a smell and felt really gentle on my face (just as advertised!).  I did have to take a makeup wipe and get the eyeliner and mascara, but I think that’s probably more of a “me issue” than a “product issue” as I have very sensitive eyes and do not like product to close too them…it honestly probably would have worked great if I had felt comfortable putting the gel on my eyelashes and close to my eyes, but like I said…that’s a “me problem!”  Overall, it did not disappoint and left my skin feeling/looking very clean and fresh!

The Verdict:  RECOMMEND!  Especially to those with sensitive skin as I feel this would work really well for them.

The Website:

Thanks for reading!  Wishing you all clean and fresh faces!




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