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Previous Beauty Haul Details!

As promised, I said I would come back and give more information about the beauty haul. 🙂  I try to never disappoint, so here we go…(in no particular order)!


SEPHORA Express Cleaning Wipes 

I was in the market for some new makeup cleaning wipes and wasn’t too happy with my previous brand (not surprising…I think it was Equate Makeup Wipes that were given to me years ago…definitely had started to dry out!).  When I was at Sephora (for the first time, might I add), I decided to pick these up since I was in the market.  I haven’t had a chance to try these out yet, but will have to update when I do!


LUSH Charity Pot Hand and Body Lotion 

I’m a big fan of buying items when the money goes to a charity, so I had to say yes at Lush when they asked if I’d like to throw in this lotion for $5 with my purchase to help support charities like PangeaSeed (an organization that “Raises awareness and education for the conservation and preservation of oceans and marine species via art and activism.”)!  I’m not certain of the smell as it’s not labeled, but it smells a little like vanilla…cream…candy-ish?  My husband swears it smells “medicated,” but I’m not sure what smell he is referring to!  Although I’m not a huge fan of the smell, it is worth it to me because of the charity donation alone. 🙂


LUSH It Started With A Kiss Lip Tint (For a ruby red pout.)

This was an impulse buy when at the counter and I’ve used it a couple times since then and do not regret it!  Although I’m not a huge fan of the taste when it accidentally gets in my mouth, the smell is pretty good.  My favorite part is definitely the color it leaves on my lips…and it seems to last awhile too!  Would recommend!


MAC Satin Lipstick in Rebel

OMG…this was my absolute favorite beauty buy!  I do not have a MAC store in the area that I live and have ordered only one of their products online in the past (orange eyeshadow).  I really just would prefer to be able to see the products in person before purchasing!  I got to the MAC store and knew that I wanted a lipstick and a blush (blush information later in the post!).  I looked at the lipsticks…and I looked at the lipsticks…and I looked…and I just couldn’t decide which one I liked the best!  The friendly woman that worked there came over to me and asked about my lipstick preferences, but I know I didn’t help much when I said I liked wearing a little of everything, just usually not too dark.  Despite me saying I didn’t want “too dark,” she suggested that I try this color.  I was hesitant, but what did I have to lose?  And OMG, OMG, OMG!  She picked perfectly and I loved the color on me…and bought it immediately!  Here’s a picture of the lipstick on –


And I’m sure you guys love seeing my crazy faces!  I don’t think you should ever take yourself too seriously. 🙂


SEPHORA Moonshadow Baked Palette in In The Nude

As you can tell, I’ve already used this palette SEVERAL times since purchasing it!  Since I have blue eyes, I know that the colors that often look best on me are coppers and colors in the brown spectrum.  I’ve been wanting to purchase a palette including these colors, but just can’t bring myself yet to spend a huge amount of money on a palette.  I believe this one cost $27, which is better than the $45+ I’ve been seeing on other palettes (not to say anything is wrong with spending a lot on palettes…I’m sure they are fantastic and I’ll likely buy one in the future…it’s just not in my budget for now!).  I love these colors…they seem to blend well and have a lot of staying power (I also use Urban Decay Primer Potion as well, so this definitely helps too).  I do not regret this purchase. 🙂  FYI, I’m wearing eyeshadow from this palette in the above picture of myself!


LUSH Pink Bath Bomb

I’ve heard fantastic things about the Lush products and since (from what I’ve heard) they are known for their bath bombs, I had to pick one up while I was there…and look how pretty this is!  I haven’t tried it yet, but it smells AMAZING!  The website description says, “A candy-topped treat with sweet vanilla and tonka bean.”  Seriously, this smells so good that I could eat it…I wish it was edible.  I can not wait to try it and will update everyone when I do!


CAUDALIE Vinosource Moisturizing Sorbet Samples (2)

I asked for samples while at Sephora since I do not have a Sephora in my area and would have to do all my ordering online.  The cashier said that these are the only samples they had on hand.  I haven’t tried these yet and was a little disappointed not to get more samples as people have told me about how helpful most Sephora workers are and how great they are with giving samples.  I’ll update when I try these!


VIVO Dead Sea Minerals Moisturizing Day Cream

Well…there is actually a story behind this.  I was walking in the mall (Galleria Mall in Dallas, TX) while on vacation and a woman waved me down and told me she had a free sample for me and handed this to me.  I’m an ABSOLUTE SUCKER for free samples, so I took it and said thank you!  The woman says, “Oh!  Because you are so nice, I have more for you!”  I fell for it.  I went to her both, where she proceeded to rub salt on my hands.  It was a perfect way to get someone to stay and listen to the pitch because she talked to me while I had the salt scrub on my hands and she had the water spray to remove it in her hands.  Initially, I really felt stuck and was thinking “WHY did I come over here?,” but the woman was so nice and had such a great personality that I just decided to go with it.  At first, I tried to use various stories as to why I could not afford the product, but I had to admit to myself that it felt GREAT on my hands and smelled fantastic.  So…well…I bought the product…see below!


Original Dead Sea Minerals Obey Your Body Exfoliating Body Scrub in Ocean (Repair & Renewal) and Hydrating Hand & Body Lotion in Ocean

As mentioned above, I bought the product!  Initially, she wanted more than I would spend, but she lowered the price several times and said she’d give me the Body Scrub for $35.  That’s more than I would normally spend, but she won me over with her charm and I had to buy it!  As I was checking out, she said she’d throw in the lotion for $10 and…I caved and said yes!  Although I was having a little buyer’s remorse initially, I am not disappointed at all now!  When I got back to the hotel, first I looked up prices online to make sure I didn’t completely get scammed and…prices were comparable…reviews were great!  Reading that made me super happy, so then my lovely assistant (my husband 😉 ) agreed to scrub my feet with the salt scrub and to finish with the lotion.  And guess what?  My feet feel smoother than ever!  Also, she told me that the scrub only needs to be used once a week.  This product will last me forever!  If you need a good scrub for dry/rough skin, I would definitely recommend looking into this product!


MAC Sheertone Shimmer Blush in Springsheen

While at the MAC store, I knew that I wanted to buy some blush (as previously mentioned), but was again unsure of what to get…the friendly MAC saleswoman directed me to the area where I could swatch the blushes and I fell in love with this one almost immediately!  The pigment is fantastic, it feels light on my face, and the color is so beautiful!  FYI, I’m wearing this in the picture above!

Wow!  Thank you for reading if you made it through this extremely long post!  Wishing you everything you need to enjoy a beauty haul of your own in the near future!




2 thoughts on “Previous Beauty Haul Details!

  1. It was my first Sephora visit…I don’t have any around where I live either! I definitely don’t regret the purchase…I really love the colors! XO Tosha


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