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Ziaja Natural Olive Hand & Nail Cream Review

I requested samples from Ziaja and they directed me to where I needed to go to purchase samples.  The samples ranged in price from 12 cents to 89 cents with most being closer to the lower range.  I believe they also charged $1.99 for shipping.  I ordered the products I was most interested in trying and when I received the package, they sent a note saying that they had included a lot of extra samples as well…and it actually was quite a bit extra!  So, I do not regret purchasing these samples!

On to the review – 


My hands were feeling a little dry, so I reached into my sample bin (I have several of these now!) and grabbed the Ziaja Natural Olive Hand Cream.  For the full size product, this cost $5.49 for 2.8 oz, so really not a bad price.  The sample pack included enough product for two uses.  I really enjoyed the smell…it smells very natural and very clean (two things I enjoy in a hand lotion)!  The lotion is not sticky (which is something I can NOT stand), made my hands feel soft and smooth, and did I mention that it did NOT LEAVE MY HANDS FEELING STICKY.  If anything, my hands just feel much more moisturized, without feeling like there is a ton of product on them.  This is a very light feeling lotion…a major plus!  

From the companies website:  “Recommended for Dry & Normal Skin. Dermatollogy and allergy tested. Not tested on animals. High quality raw materials including ECO’_certified materials. Rich in vitamin E and Essential Unsaturated Fatty Acids Gained by cold pressing of seeds from Olea europaea plant.”  Sounds pretty good to me!  And I love the “NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS” part…cruelty free products are always awesome!

The Verdict:  If you are looking for a new hand/nail cream, this should be in the running.  RECOMMEND!

The Website:


Thanks for reading!  Wishing you a life free of sticky lotions!  (Yuck!)





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