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Balanced Guru Facial Masque Review

I recently received a trial size from Balanced Guru of their Facial Masque.  The product is certified USDA organic and cruelty free!  I’ve actually never done a masque like this, but wanted to give it a shot (ESPECIALLY since it said it was a “Calming Masque” and I definitely could use more “calm” in my life!).

The product is 1 oz. and cost me $11…this is actually their travel size and not just a small sample.  When buying one travel sized product, they told me I could request another travel size product in the comments section and they would sent it to me free of charge!  (Which they so kindly did, I opted to also receive the Rainforest Body Scrub!)


In the container, the masque is in powder form.  The instructions are to remove a small amount from the container into the bowl, mix with small amounts of water until it reaches a pasty consistency, apply to face, then rinse with water after 15 minutes.  The first thing I noticed about the product?  The smell.  I did NOT enjoy the smell.  (It wasn’t HORRIBLE, it just was not a smell to my liking…it smelled very…green?  I don’t even know if that makes sense!)  But, then I remembered that it is organic and filled with great ingredients including –

  • Echinacea, Alfalfa Leaf, Marshmallow Root, Ginger, Sea Buckthorn, Calendula Flowers

SO, I ignored the smell, mixed it up, and smeared it all over my face!


After letting it sit for 15 minutes, I started rinsing.  Be aware, this is NOT a quick rinse!  It took time, scrubbing, and patience!  However, when I was done…I was pretty happy about the results!  My skin feels softer, my pores look smaller, inflammation/redness went down, and my skin looked more “glowing” than it did before I started!

The Verdict:  RECOMMEND!

The Website:  www.balancedguru.com

Thank you for reading!  Wishing you all GLOWING and beautiful skin!



P.S.  I even talked my husband into trying it out a little. 😉



One thought on “Balanced Guru Facial Masque Review

  1. I just had to comment to say that your husband’s fave looks priceless! Very great and enjoyable reviews, by the way!


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