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Tosha’s Beauty Reviews

This is the start of something good… 🙂

About a month ago, I was invited to join a Facebook group with the focus on finding makeup deals/freebies.  From there, I learned that you can get free samples if you take the time to email the companies and JUST ASK!  Some companies were extremely helpful, some were less than thrilled to help, and others sent products with no email response back.  Most of the samples I was able to get for FREE, others I had to pay for shipping, and some I had to pay a small fee for each sample (under $1 each).  Now, since I have ALL THESE AMAZING PRODUCTS, I want to give back to the companies that decided to let me try their products before spending the money to buy them (love trying before buying to make sure the product is right for ME).

Long story short – Welcome to my blog, welcome to my reviews, comment if you have questions or any additional information that you would like to share, and hopefully…ENJOY!  Hope my reviews help you decided which products may be the best for you. 🙂




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